The semi-automatic blow molding machine is suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes, ranging from 0.1L to 2L. This blow molding machine is widely used in blowing mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles and oil bottles.
1. This bottle blowing machine adopts the double-curved arm connecting rod clamping system, the clamping mode is stable, the running speed is fast, and the far-infrared rotary oven is used to heat evenly.
2. The pneumatic system is divided into two parts: action and blowing, to meet the action, blowing different pressures of the bottle, and providing a stable high pressure to blow the shaped large volume bottle.
3. This bottle blowing machine has a muffler and various parts fueling devices.
4. This bottle blowing machine is divided into two modes: jog and semi-automatic.
5. This bottle blowing machine is small in size, low in investment, easy to operate by one person.

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