The automatic blow molding machine uses the advanced bottle making technology to develop the blowing equipment. The machine has the characteristics of automation, high intelligence, stable and reliable machine performance, simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and the product is not polluted by intermediate links, and it meets the national sanitary standards. Widely used in the production of food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical containers.
1. Electronic control system: Japan Mitsubishi PLC computer plus human machine interface (Chinese or English) control, color touch operation screen operation. All process settings, changes, retrieval, monitoring, fault diagnosis and other functions are implemented on the touch screen, no point contact working principle, components are durable.
2, hydraulic system: proportional pressure control, equipped with imported brand-name oil research hydraulic components, stable and reliable.
3. Plasticizing system: High-efficiency plasticizing and mixing screw to ensure plastic plasticization is sufficient and uniform.
4, speed control system: frequency control + alloy steel hard tooth surface reducer, stable speed, low noise, durable.
5, opening and closing mold, shifting system: large beam arm, three-point, central clamping mold opening and closing mechanism to ensure long-term use. The clamping force is balanced and not deformed, and the translational mold mechanism (ball linear guide) is adopted, which has high precision, low resistance and high speed.
6. Blowing needle holder: The whole angle type blower holder is stable and does not shift, ensuring smooth cut of the product.
7. Six-cavity and double-station twelve-cavity production, high output and low production and operation costs.
8, online automatic rotary cutting (invention patent), the bottle mouth is smooth, while removing the remaining material at the bottom of the bottle.
9, milk bottles can be directly delivered to the milk filling workshop.

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