The inkjet printing machine is a non-contact inkjet marking system controlled by a single chip microcomputer. It applies a certain pressure to the ink in the system by controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed gas from outside the machine to cause the ink to be ejected through a nozzle of several tens of micrometers. And the crystal oscillating signal applied above the nozzle splits the continuous ink line into ink droplets of the same frequency, equal size and a certain spacing. Then, the ink droplets are respectively charged when passing through the charging electrode, and the amount of electricity charged by the central processing unit CPU Controlling; detecting the actual charge and phase of the ink droplets through the detection electrode; finally, the charged ink droplets are deflected in the deflection electric field formed by the deflection electrode, and are ejected from the nozzles, respectively, at different positions on the surface of the product to form the required Various characters, patterns and other logos. Instead of being charged, the ink droplets are driven into the recovery tank and re-entered into the ink circulation system inside the machine.

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