The automatic depalletizer is mainly used for the automatic depalletization of the whole tinplate (cans) empty can, which will be stacked on the pallet and lifted and layered onto the conveyor chain. It can be used in conjunction with the empty tank spray canning machine to replace the manual draining tank and the traditional empty tank unloading machine, which can save a lot of labor and increase production capacity.
When working, the forked pallet is placed on the pallet conveyor by the forklift, and then the conveyor is transported to the pallet lifting platform of the main machine. The pallet lifting platform lifts the positioned empty tank pallet to the unloading height. After the empty tank is unloaded, the empty pallet is lowered onto the conveyor. All the ascending and descending actions are controlled by the self-locking lifting system device, and the speed of ascending or descending can be individually adjusted to meet the operational needs. The emptying tank is pushed by the cylinder device. When the empty tank is sent to the height of the unloading tank, the cylinder action of the retaining tank component blocks the front empty tank, so as to prevent the empty tank from pouring down, push the whole layer of empty tank to the net conveyor. Then, the canister parts are automatically flipped, return to the ready position, and continue to push the next layer. After the empty cans are unloaded, they are transferred to the empty pallet vertebral table by the empty pallet conveyor, and then automatically stacked to a certain height, and then the pallet is removed by the forklift.
The direction of the machine, the direction of the cans, and the position of the console can be flexibly changed according to user requirements.

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